Bikes and Cameras

Almost 4 weeks after my little setback I had the first weekend of riding. Still very tender and I can't do a lot of things but being back on the bike is a good feeling. There was a Victorian round on today that I couldn't compete in so I peddled down to the exhibition buildings to work back into it on some familiar and pretty luxurious riding.

I also took the Camera down and got some shots of the locals while I was having a rest. all in all a good sunny winters day.


Playgrounds, better without children

Limited (mobility) options sometimes create oportunity. I got rather bored sitting at home a took a hobble down the street to see what i could see. As it turns out the local playground is is significantly more pleasant sans kids.




Down but not out

Well I've been trying to concentrate on the bike for a while with limited succes, but plans are made to be broken I suppose. Last week i jumped back into a rabbit hole producing a lovely sprained ankle, as seen below nicely contrasted against the Dandenong Hospital Floor...

So the Preperation for Europe has taken a little hit but a few weeks off should just make me extra keen I'm thinking plus it gives me extra time to create things!


I went into the city to take some... no really just to get out of the house but I did get a few shots 



Cruising around on the BMX felt pretty good especially after a week of hobbling, so I did what anyone would do, got out a light stand and remote trigger, gaffer taped a tripod to the handlebars, stuck a 5DMKII and 16-35 2.8L 4 inches from the road an rode around in cirlces!


 As a result of the ghetto setup I may have just ordered a superclamp and magic arm very keen to see what I can do with off camera light and slow shutter speed POV, Stay tuned.


Instant Brew

After much slaving away over a hot iMac The newest Joe Brewer Video is up and ready for the viewing public!



Filmed on the 60D and 5D II around Melboure.

I tried to actually use some film making craft in this one so it got everything from the steadycam to the GoPro thrown at it more details of production to follow



A few more shots from the grampians.

There has been a lot of video sorting and some rough cuts put together but I've also been going through some of the still Images so here is a bit of a teaser of whats to come.